Paul Crifo
Alex Swart
Ellen Harrington
Freddie Goldberg
The infinitely talented subject of "Mr. Movie Poster", Paul shares intimate memories about his family and career. Interviewed in Los Angeles and New York, Paul's extensive archive and generous devotion to the film helped make the production possible.
An award-winning creative director in Los Angeles, Alex has extensive experience designing movie posters himself. A great admirer of Paul Crifo, Alex has a keen understanding of the history of advertising and Paul's important place in the art form.
The Director of Exhibitions at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Ellen was the curator of Paul's exhibit and instrumental in the show's success. Her articulate observations about Paul's work are a key contribution to the film.
A long-time Publicity Executive at Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios, Freddie worked closely with Paul on advertising campaigns and is still a dear friend of Paul's today. In the film, Paul visits Freddie and they take an entertaining look back at Paul's career.
Janet Klein
Tony Sella
Peter Crifo
Mike Hebson
Janet is a vocalist and ukelele player in a Los Angeles based band. Interviewed at Paul's Academy show on opening night, she shows a thorough understanding of the hand drawn aesthetic that characterizes Paul's genius.
Chief Creative Officer at 20th Century Fox Films, Tony began his career with Paul at Diener Hauser Bates Agency in New York, and credits Paul with much of his success. Tony plays a key role in detailing the skill and beauty of Paul's work.
The youngest of Paul's two sons, Peter painstakingly archived his father's work, and co-curated Paul's show at the Academy. Peter has first hand experience in movie advertising and provides wonderful insight into Paul's legacy.

Based in Los Angeles, Mike has been a veteran of advertising design and marketing for decades. Interviewed at the Academy, Mike shows a passionate understanding of the unique and challenging methods Paul used to create his work.

Kiran 'Raj' RajBhandary
Val Ramos
Tom Peak
Vincent Crifo
An award-winning creative director with V12 studios, Raj is a long time friend of the Crifo family. His love and appreciation for Paul and his work is evident in his colorful testimony, conducted at the Academy. One of Paul's nine sisters, Val lives down the street from Paul in Roslyn, New York. An endearing personality, she provides unique and detailed memories about Paul and his creativity during their youth.
Tom is the son of famed movie poster designer Bob Peak, one of Paul Crifo's contemporaries. Crifo credits Bob Peak as an influence, and the two illustrators collaborated on some campaigns. Tom shares his thoughts and appreciation of Paul at the Academy show.
Vincent is Paul's younger brother and the two worked alongside each other at Diener Hauser Bates for many years. At Paul's Academy Exhibit, Vincent shares memories from their days at the shop. Paul describes their partnership as a harmony.
Kevin Crifo
Lee Queaño
Norman Trell
Miriam Nelson
Kevin is Paul's eldest son and works in movie advertising in New York City. Like his brother and father, Kevin has a detailed memory for his father's career. He is interviewed at the Crifo home in Roslyn, New York. Lee is a creative director based in Los Angeles. He discusses his appreciation for what becomes a common theme in the film - Paul's unique ability to bring a campaign from concept to finish, and the magic that takes place during that process. One of Paul's colleagues at the Monroe Greenthal Agency, Norman has remained friends with Paul and the two often spend time together in New York. Norman's robust personality shines when interviewed in Roslyn at Paul's home. Miriam debuted on Broadway in 1938 and began as a contract player for Paramount. She became an accomplished actress and choreographer in Hollywood for decades. Miriam is interviewed at Paul's Academy Show on opening night.